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Director's Desk

I have been with Hagerstown Children’s School for more than 20 years and when I look back over that time, I am amazed at how the program and the organization has grown and developed.

When I started with HCS we were a young school (and I was a young teacher) located in Haven Lutheran Church with 2 classrooms serving about 40 families. We were often struggling to balance the vision of a grand school and all the fiscal needs associated with developing that vision. I took over as Director when we moved into St. John’s Lutheran Church in 2002. That move provided a big boost to the school. We grew quickly in the more visible location and with a dedicated group of Montessori minded staff and parent volunteers. During that time, the vision of a grand school never left us, so we saved, saved, and saved. Today that vision is still morphing and changing but we are closer than we have ever been before. Our Mulberry Lofts location provides us with the physical space we need to make that grand school a reality.  COVID19 has set us back a few steps but we will build a stronger organization after such unexpected and extenuating circumstances.  Having students back in our classrooms after such a long closure has been a gift.  The staff and I am thankful for the opportunity to serve children and families again. 

I am excited about all the opportunities that the future brings us, and I am thrilled to have our community take advantage of what we have to offer the children of Washington County and the Tri-State area. I want to thank our past, current and future families for their continued support.

Heather Tosten