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Primary Program

Children in our mixed age group classrooms are free to move about in a prepared environment of hands on learning activities. The teachers and assistants are keen observers who watch for the child's readiness and facilitate their progress to the next level of conceptual development.All areas of the classroom are supported by trained staff that embrace the Montessori philosophy. Our curriculum includes:

Practical Life Skills

This area of the curriculum provides the child an opportunity to practice everyday activities such as pouring, shoe tying, cleaning, etc. The purpose of these activities is to help the child gain control and coordination of movement, while increasing the child's attention span and concentration. Fine motor skills are strengthened through activities such as tweezing and tonging. The exercises move left to right in a reading sweep pattern preparing for future academic activities. Encouraging the child’s independence and participation in everyday activities increases the child’s sense of self and provides them with the skills and self-confidence to be an active participant in their community both at home and at school.
Primary 5

Sensory Development

Young children rely on their senses to develop perspective and understanding of the world around them.  This area of the classroom includes uniquely developed materials that make incremental differences more noticeable. Instruction and the materials synchronize to refine the use of one's senses and teaches the child to differentiate gradations of color, tone, texture, shape, size, etc.

English Language Arts

Children are provided an opportunity to learn language skills through the auditory, visual, and tactile senses. Beginning with a focus on developing a strong oral language foundation that includes vocabulary development and conversational speech skills. Each child is encouraged to progress at her own speed utilizing materials that introduce the phonetic sounds of letter, word construction and eventually writing and reading mechanics.


Instruction and materials that provide a visual and tactile introduction to numbers.  Students are able to use concrete manipulatives to physically represent number making abstract concepts such as fractions, addition, subtraction, geometry and time easily understood by young children.  

Natural Science

We encourage each child’s natural curiosity about the world around them.  Leading students to make fun and exciting scientific observations through hands on independent and teacher directed instruction.


HCS approaches geography with two goals.  The first is, to help children become aware of the physical geography of the world around them. Globes assist the children in distinguishing land and water areas, progressing to the continents and land that make up our Earth.  Studies of landforms provide an understanding of geographic features.  Our second goal is to give children a sense of place and increase the child’s understanding of how they fit into and interact with the physical world. 

Cultural StudiesExtra Photo 3

Different cultures from around the world are introduced and celebrated throughout the school year. The studies include the music, language, food, clothing, and lifestyles of various countries and regions around the world. We also celebrate the many ethnicities and cultures that make the United States a unique and rich country where everyone provides valuable contributions.  Families are encouraged to contribute whenever possible. 

Physical Education

Children are given the opportunity to practice various gross motor exercises that promote balance, coordination, and physical self-discipline.

Art and Music

These materials and instruction allow the child to expand his range of awareness and interest and to develop his creativity and self-expression. Children are introduced to various historic composers and artists and are given the opportunity to explore the different artistic styles, instruments, and mediums.

Community Service

This teaches children to think about their surroundings and to go beyond themselves as they express empathy and compassion for others and the environment.  It reinforces the idea that acts of kindness, no matter how big or small, can create an impact on our lives as well as affect other people's lives for the better.