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Kindergarten Program

Kindergarten Program

The HCS Kindergarten program gives our students the opportunity to complete a 3-year cycle of education that began when they were three years old. It is the culmination of everything that the child has learned in the classroom and it provides them the familiar approach and style that allows each individual child the priceless opportunity to reach his/her potential. The life skills, confidence, independence, and academic foundation that HCS focuses on providing will last a lifetime. 


The mathematical foundation that a Montessori based program provides is second to none.  Here is a list of the concepts covered in the Kindergarten year.                                                                                                           

Attribute Sorting and Classifying ,Writing Numerals, Linear and Skip Counting, Quantity/Symbol Relationship, Concepts of Addition and Subtraction, Introduction to Arithmetic Facts, Fractions, Measurement, Geometric Nomenclature - 2 and 3 Dimensional, and Introduction to the Decimal System.    


Connecting students to the world around them through the scientific method provides children an opportunity to understand how they can have a positive and negative impact on the natural world. A well-rounded education must include science. 

Life science: living/non-living, plants and animals, Zoology: nomenclature, external characteristics and habitats, Botany: life cycle and nomenclature, Biology: human body, nutrition, Physical Science: environmental education, including appreciation of and responsibility for the natural environment, Chemistry: physical properties and attributes, and Earth science and weather.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Kindergarten 1Social Studies/Geography/History

Creating an understanding and appreciation for other people in the world is the way to a peaceful future.  Our curriculum is based on this philosophy.  Teaching children at a young age that all people are interconnected, and we are all more alike than we are different will change the world we live in.  Air/Land/Water – including continents and the Earth, introduction to mapping and political geography; cultures, including studying six countries/regions per year, people, land, symbols, and animals; fundamental needs of all people; holiday studies; United States symbols, Pledge of Allegiance, land, animals, and diversity; and passage of time – days of the week and seasons.

Language Arts

A strong oral and written language foundation leads to future academic success. Phonetic and whole language instruction; listening and speaking skills; vocabulary enrichment; beginning creative writing and inventive spelling; sound/symbol relationships and beginning decoding; handwriting; sight words; word study; literature appreciation; reading comprehension, including making predictions, retelling stories, and answering questions; concepts of print, such as parts of a book, title and author, types of text (fiction/non-fiction); reading appropriate for individual ability; and reading/writing poetry.