Kindergarten Program


Attribute sorting and classifying; writing numerals; linear and skip counting; quantity/symbol relationship; concepts of addition and subtraction; introduction to arithmetic facts, fractions, measurement, concepts of time, concepts of money; and geometric nomenclature – 2 and 3 dimensional.


Life science, including living/non-living, plants and animals; zoology nomenclature, external characteristics, and habitats; botany life cycle and nomenclature; earth science and weather; physical science; environmental education, including appreciation of and responsibility for the natural environment; and science experiments.Kindergarten 1

Social Studies/History

Air/Land/Water – including continents and the Earth, introduction to mapping and political geography; cultures, including studying six countries per year, people, land symbols, and animals; fundamental needs of all people; holiday studies; United States symbols, Pledge of Allegiance, land, animals, and diversity; and passage of time – days of the week and seasons.

Language Arts

Phonetic and whole language instruction; listening and speaking skills; vocabulary enrichment; beginning creative writing and inventive spelling; sound/symbol relationships and beginning decoding; handwriting; sight words; word study; literature appreciation; reading comprehension, including making predictions, retelling stories, and answering questions; concepts of print, such as parts of a book, title and author, types of text (fiction/non-fiction); reading appropriate for individual ability; and reading/writing poetry.