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First Day of School

Wasn't it just yesterday that your little one was learning to walk? Or learning to say their first words? Now in just a couple of weeks, you'll be buckling them in the car and driving them to their first day at Hagerstown Children's School.

What will that be like? Will they bounce out of the car eager to see their new room, meet new friends and try new things? Maybe they will be a little shy and not quite ready to let go of your hand.

Hagerstown Children

This will be my second time bringing my little one to that big red door and helping them begin a journey filled with new friends and new experiences. Let me be one of many to tell you - it's going to be great. They will open that door and find so many inspiring things waiting for them on the other side. 


When they first come into their classroom they will see bright and colorful activities waiting. Their teacher will greet them and invite them to come sit on the gathering circle. Once all the kids are situated the introductions will start. It will be a lot of new faces and names but it won't take them long and they'll soon know all their new friends. Your little one will be coming home to share stories of all their adventures throughout the day.

You can go about your day with complete confidence that your child is getting the most out of their day. In our Pre-Primary classes we have a 1:6 Teacher/Student ratio which gives each student significant one-on-one time with their teacher.

Book Nook

Your child may take time to sit in the reading nook and learn about shapes, colors, animals and places. Then they may move to one of the shelves that have been designed to be just their size. On these shelves they will find sorting materials, counting blocks and other works made specifically for their little hands. No matter what they work on, they will be learning, trying and doing things from the moment they arrive until they are ready to rush back into your arm with a big hug.

“The child can develop fully by means of experience in his environment. We call such experiences ‘work’.”

- Maria Montessori


You will hear your child begin to tell you about all the "work" they do. No, we aren't making them wash the windows. They are talking about the various learning areas in the classroom. You'll see small trays filled with items to sort, colors to learn, or liquids to pour. This is their work. Learning to do these things for themselves and they will become more and more independent as they do.

Primary and Kindergarten


12066041_1001704229888336_481204401729236964_nIf you have a Primary or Kindergarten student they may be getting to hang up their tote bags for the first time. Did they decorate it? Is theirs the one with colorful flowers? Or maybe goofy monsters? They will find the lowered coat hooks to be the perfect height to help develop a sense of responsibility as they learn to do things for themselves.

They will also start their day on the mat for their morning gathering. Here they will begin to learn the months, days of the week, weather and discuss what they will be learning about.

Our Primary and Kindergarten classes have a 1:10 Teacher/Student ratio. They will be given the opportunity to move about the class and go to the various works. Don't be surprised when your child starts telling you about far away places they "visited" or famous artists that they are learning about. Science and math skills will come quickly as they use Montessori materials such as the Pink Towers, Math Beads and the Ten Board.

Ten Board

Our teachers are ready for your little ones. They have been planning and working to make this experience a wonderful one for your child and for you.


OrientationDon't forget we have our Parent Orientation set for August 18th. If you're one of our returning parents we will see you from 6-7pm. For our new families, we will see you from 7-8pm. As a reminder - we will not have child care for this evening.

We want to welcome you to our family and we can't wait to watch your child grow and learn. If you have any questions, contact us at the office.